Jeannie McGinnis is a journalist, but she also has a portfolio career in media as a model, presenter, voice artist and actor.  She’s an American who has lived in the UK for more than a decade.

With a BA in Journalism/Communications, Jeannie has written short stories, short screen plays, radio plays as well as journalistic pieces and corporate scripts. Her short stories are featured in a podcast where she writes and narrates on Cornucopia Radio.  Her blog,  restarting September 2017 after a hiatus, On Ageing Well is based on nutrition, fitness, writing, modelling, health and transformation.

Along with her career in media, Jeannie has taken a new role as a beauty product presenter with Forever Living UK which will be unfolding after October 2017.  

Multiple agencies represent Jeannie across the UK, but you can contact her via the contact page for freelance work and rates.

Please explore each of the sections below and the portfolio to find out more about each area. 

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