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A case study for RICOVR – a Covid Recovery and Research Centre

As I write this I am on day 101 of Covid recovery but originally I posted this on day 93 on my Facebook.

So fab news here in the UK. A close family friend happens to be the director of a university ‘Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre’ here in Sheffield. They just opened an arm of the super high-tech unit called RICOVR – for those suffering from long term Covid issues.

I’m in the new stat of 1 in 10 healthy pre-Covid mild-to-moderate sufferers who have this illness for months . . and docs have no idea when full recovery will happen.

RICOVR hopes to have everything from mental health, speech therapy and fitness research (they have had great success with ME patients) to being a national hub full of resources. AND I get to be their first case study!!! I just did a round of regional interviews (BBC, etc) in my first social distance public appearance with TV and radio. We have more scheduled. It is a huge step forward with this unknown illness.

Here is a link for one of the news articles. As the news report videos are not on Youtube, I found it challenging to load.

But also you can listen to an almost 10 minute interview at 1 hour 33 with me on BBC radio Sheffield.

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