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A Lil Bit Of Humour About Very British Problems

A Lil Bit Of Humour About Very British Problems

In the midst of an emotionally draining week of funerals and memorial services (read my last post to get an update), I thought I would copy a few recent tweets from one of my favourite Brit Twitter sites ‘VeryBritishProblems’  (@SoVeryBritish). I need to laugh and this usually makes me laugh (if I get the cultural joke) or at least have a very understated chuckle – mostly because it is SOOO British. These are just a few . . .

‘Worrying you’ll trigger 18 months of winter if you dare leave the house without a light jacket’

‘Staying so tense throughout Wimbledon you wonder why you haven’t developed a six-pack’

‘Slowly reversing your slight forward lean and smile after your joke goes unheard by the taxi driver’

‘Deciding to spice up the morning by filling the kettle slightly past the recommended level, then thinking better of it’

‘Worrying you’ve accidentally packed 3 kilos of cocaine and a dead goat as you stroll through “Nothing to declare”‘

‘Wondering whether to hurl yourself through a window when someone sits next to you on an empty bus’

‘Chuckling after missing a step, despite a powerful suspicion you’ve just shattered your knee’

‘Feeling you’re having an out-of-body experience as you quietly watch someone making you the wrong sandwich’

‘Dressing in black for at least a month after breaking your favourite mug’

‘Assuring your hairdresser the water temperature is fine, despite a strong suspicion your scalp is beginning to melt’

And as a bonus . . . a friend of mine directed this music video, and though it isn’t my first choice in my music preferences (or second choice . . . ),  it sums up how I feel about this country.

Click here for:  England Rocks! which features members from Def Leppard.

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