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In the UK, especially in Sheffield where I live, are multiple take-away places called ‘Buttylicious’.  No, really, that’s the name.  What is a butty you might ask?

Five minutes from my house, and no, I have never eaten there.

It’s Brit slang for sandwich.  I suppose Buttylicious rolls off the tongue a lot better than Sandwichlicious.

For example, you’ve got the bacon butty, the turkey and stuffing butty, pulled pork with apple sauce and crackling  (fried skin my friends)  butty to name a few.  Apologies to all you vegetarian/vegans out there, but many Brits like their meat, though you can find the occasional hummus and roasted veg version of a butty. All of those can be quite tasty, but one butty personally qualifies as a mystery of the universe.   The chip butty.

For the white carb aversion folk like myself, the chip butty is an enigma.

Let me break down what a chip butty is:

1) Get a slab or two of real butter;

2) Slather it on two pieces of white bread, preferably the soft, poofy bun/bap kind of white carbyness;

3) Place big, fat, really greasy chips (aka French fries not potato chips like in America) right in the middle;

4) Add a little salt and the condiment of your choice such as ketchup or vinegar;

5) And voila, you have an artery-plugging, high-caloric, no-nutritional-value meal.

6) Oh, and might I add that I have seen this with the ‘v’ label for vegetarian and also under ‘lite bites’ at a few local eating joints (really??).

The Greasy Chip Butty Source: Blackbeltjones via Flickr

And people like it where I live so much that one of the local football teams has it as the name of the official song sung before a match  (no, I can’t understand what they are saying either except for the greasy chip butty part . . . welcome to my world):


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