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Cultural Blunders . . .They Keep Me Humble

Cultural Blunders . . .They Keep Me Humble

If someone invited you to a ‘Fancy Dress’ party with a buffet, what would you envision? As an American, I found out that my definition was not the definition of my UK friends.  And I found out the hard way.

So here is what I pictured:

medressed up

and this:


But this is what a Brit would envision:

and this:

So when I made the mistake of ‘saving room’ and skipping lunch for that Brit buffet, I arrived to a small assortment of picked over cucumber and egg sandwiches.  Let’s just say I went home sorely disappointed and hungry. And let’s just also say I made up something about being a princess, you know that Kate girl, when Bat Man, Sponge Bob and other various creatures surrounded me.  Sigh.  These are a few of my humbling things . . .

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