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I Find Brits Are The Masters of Shortening Names

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I just started an evening screen writing class.  I will definitely have to write a post on the differences found in prose writing versus a screenplay.  BUT since this week has been crazy ridiculous busy with a new role I’ve taken on with anti-trafficking initiatives, I thought I would share a little more culture which was reinforced in last night’s class. It’s 8 p.m., and we are having the obligatory tea break.  I’m in the kitchen making small talk with a middle-aged guy who does acting and producing.

Me:  What was your name again?

Him:  Daz.

Me:  Daz?  I like that.  What’s it short for?

Him:  Well, Daz is me.  That’s what I consider my real name.  But I guess it’s short for Darren.

Me:  Then Daz it is.

Here is a list of a people I have met here and their shortened names:

Baz – Barrie

Mel – Melinda or Melanie

Kaz – Karen (the Brits like their ‘az’ ending names)

Pip – Pippa/Phillipa

Bex – Rebecca

Jaz – Jasmine

Nev – Neville

Shaz  – Sharon

Di – Diana or Diane

Will/Wills – William and we all know the famous ‘Wills’ here.

Prince William and Kate

(*Sidenote – don’t say ‘Willy’ here *blush*.  It is a nickname for a body part only boys have, and my 8-yr-old son will start to giggle if you call anyone Willy.  And my poor younger brother found this out the hard way when he said a nickname he loved was ‘slick Willy’.  Later, after turning 50 shades of red because he told a group of female Brit uni students this ‘nickname’, he said, ‘I’m so American it hurts.’ ).

Kat – Katherine

Si – Simon

Jess – Jessica

Lottie and Charl – Charlotte

Vi – Violet

Iz – Isabel

This is not an exhaustive list, and I would love to hear from the Brits if you know any more.  A friend told me that ‘if you can shorten the name, we will shorten it.’ So true.

And FYI – Some people call me ‘J’ for short.  I like ‘J’, but please, I beg you, DON’T EVER call me Jean.

OK – I am adding more as people are sending them to me . . .

Sair/Sez – Sarah

Han – Hannah

Lu – Lucy

Ede – Edie

L – Eleanor

Nat – Natalie

Loz – Laurence

Nath – Nathan

Ness – Vanessa

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