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Introducing My First (15 minute) Comedy Radio Play

Introducing My First (15 minute) Comedy Radio Play

When I joined a writing group about five years ago, I only wrote short stories.  Over two years, however, I eventually converted the stories into a novel format.  But many of the short stories in the book stayed self-contained and could be read on their own which has led to a few being published on-line. Last summer I took a screenplay class which resulted in a few short screenplays, though my tutor (and now a colleague) suggested that I should convert some of my stories into a radio play.  We took a fictional short story and worked within the radio play confines to create an audio drama.  We submitted to the BBC for a contest and after months of waiting, didn’t make the finals.

Going for the BBC with your first radio drama is a fairly high goal.  I’m grateful for the experience of learning a new way of writing, but I didn’t want it to just sit on my computer.  I decided to research other ways of getting out a radio play, and I discovered that there are various radio drama production companies across the UK and US that use local and international (with their home studio) actors to produce plays for both on-line and community radio audiences.

One of them was in Sheffield.  At the moment I have three plays in the pipeline (including the one originally submitted to the BBC), but this was my first one to be completed. I love the fact that I also get to voice act in them as well.  I’m so excited that ‘Bits and Bobs’ is now released *insert my ‘happy dance’ here*! !

Many thanks to Peter at Cornucopia Radio for spending huge amounts of time editing and producing the play along with the other actors who voiced ‘the examiners’.  And also, a big thank you to Neil Dube, who wrote the original quirky, fun music behind the play to give it the mood and energy that it needed.

So here is the link!!

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