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My First Time in the Brit Hot Seat, and I Cooked A Little

My First Time in the Brit Hot Seat, and I Cooked A Little

Monday (11 February) I did a 20 minute interview on BBC Radio Sheffield with Rony Robinson.  He is  good at his job of poking, prodding and provoking. This was my first time to just ‘talk about my life’ on air, and I felt I fumbled through it.  Next time I hope to have the witty rebuttals, the jovial banter, and the eloquent responses, but oh well, life moves on, and I just answered the best I could.  But I was invited back, which was a good sign. 

Here is a little recap for those of you (like myself) who couldn’t be bothered to listen to 20 whole minutes:

-Beauty Pageants:  the good, the bad, the ugly;

-Working with vulnerable women in prostitution;

-My personal spirituality;

-The emotional breakdown/breakthrough and my hubby’s support through it;

-Shame, depression and transformation;

-and a tiny, tiny bit about my novel which covers all those topics.

He asked a few weird questions and made an even weirder observation about my attire (black lace and exposed skin??? what the flippin’ ‘eck, who does he think I am . . . oh wait, I might be getting slightly defensive here).

I would have liked to have said more (or maybe less at some of his questions), especially since I didn’t even touch my biggest passion which is anti-trafficking but maybe another time.

PS – Rony has a very clear Yorkshire accent if you have never heard one.

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