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My Published Piece on the Redemptive Side of Rescued Survivors of Human Trafficking

My Published Piece on the Redemptive Side of Rescued Survivors of Human Trafficking

With my recent travel schedule, I’m not posting quite as often as I’d hoped on this blog.  This is not for a lack of writing, I’ve just found that if I’m going to continue to write creatively, I have to balance that with all of the other things going on in my busy life right now.  I’m learning to manage my time on train rides, in the car, the London tube, etc., and finding alternative ways of getting what’s in my head down into my computer while multi-tasking (and driving safely!). I’m also fitting in visiting my clients with The Snowdrop Project, the charity that assists and empowers women rescued from human trafficking. Several weeks ago I was travelling by tram back to my house when I scrolled through my Twitter feed.  I saw my name and realised my work was actually in an on-line journal. I started reading, got a bit teary and then heard a knock on the window.  I had gotten so distracted from reading the piece – which looked really different published – that I had missed my stop. The distraction wasn’t just that it was in an on-line journal, but more that I could begin to have a voice for my clients in another (written) format.  Fortunately it wasn’t too much of a detour and I made it home not too long after.

Photo by Ben Hawksworth.

The poetic prose was my attempt to capture what it is like as a case worker.  I can’t write what I experience in a journalistic way, despite the privilege of meeting so many amazing people – not only my clients, but detectives, solicitors,  midwives and doulas to name a few.  I have to be really careful when I write as so much of our work is confidential, the survivors are highly vulnerable and some are even still in personal danger from their former captors. But something needs to be written that balances out the often sensationalized pieces about human trafficking victims, as there is very little about the redemptive side of those who survive trafficking.

So this is my first go at being creative with the issue.  I hope to write more in the future.

Just a side note, another short story I wrote was published in the same journal.  The next blog post I’m working on will be about that story, and how it became a springboard into a radio play collaboration.

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