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New Post: Waking Up From Hibernation and Job Transitions

New Post: Waking Up From Hibernation and Job Transitions

My poor, poor blog has been in hibernation this summer.  There are numerous reasons including job transitions, travel and personal grieving after losing two friends in a car accident. I also put most of my ‘writing energy’ into my MA portfolio which I submitted about a month ago – I hope to find out in the next few weeks if I will be starting a two-year MA in Writing this January *fingers crossed*.

I think the other new thing that has been time-consuming is that I’m now represented by an agency for commercial/lifestyle modeling (think the-mom-on-the-front-of-the-grocery-store magazine NOT Victoria’s Secret modeling); voice overs (American of course) and TV presenting.

Sound glamorous?  Not really – especially as I am just getting started.  I have done a few jobs in the last couple of months but mainly I’m  building my portfolio in the three different areas.  And there is so much about these businesses to understand because they can blend together or be very separate.  I hope to blog about these things in the future so I can dispel myths as I am learning. For example, unless I am representing a ‘brand’, the model has to supply their own wardrobe.

Who knew?  I had no idea I had to have ‘an extensive wardrobe’ as a model – guess I gotta get rid of those ‘mom jeans‘.

I do have some experience in modeling through working a year for a department store as a teenager (low-key catwalk, freeze modeling, etc.) and through beauty pageants, but that was more than TWENTY years ago. I had blonde hair and a teenage figure (oh what having babies can do to you).  I’ve also done amateur bits and bobs since then but getting an agent (or several which I’m finding out is the norm) puts it more into the ‘professional’ category.  But I am looking forward to this career shift (I’m still a case worker for women rescued from trafficking) despite all the unknowns.

So it’s time to wake up the blog and get crackin’ with a few new posts over the coming weeks.  And just a FYI – modeling is spelled with one ‘l’ in the US but with two ‘ll’s [modelling] in the rest of the English-speaking world.

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