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The Online Work Portfolio

It has been a few weeks since I last posted and really it’s because I’ve been working hard on the other parts of my portfolio career (the kind of career where you wear multiple hats).  Here is the new site for my modelling (UK spelling folks), voice-overs, TV presenting and acting. Besides the new site, I have signed with numerous agencies across the UK, and I have put more miles on my little car visiting agents, going to castings and working (mostly filming and photo shoots) over the last six weeks.  For example, I have two castings on Monday which may lead to two jobs on Wednesday and Friday  – all of them in London which is a good three-hour trek from here if you don’t hit any traffic – right.  It’s realistically four and half hours – bleh.  Good thing I’m an introvert and really like long car rides alone.

It’s not dull, in fact, every day is an adventure as this whole industry seems to be spontaneous and a bit last-minute. It’s quite an adjustment for the ‘plan ahead not super spontaneous’ gal that I am.  Oh well.

So if you are interested, here is the new site though it is a work in progress:

**And a special thanks to my friend Kris who designed my logo and got my site started.

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