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A New Season: Relaunching the Blog after a Hiatus

Is writing a blog like riding a bike?  Do you forget how to do it or is it so innate that once you hop on again, then it all comes back to you?

As a long-time writer, I’ve always had an itch to put pen to paper to express my current musings.  It’s been a year and half since my last blog entry, and I feel I’ve just gotten on my bike, and I’m sitting at the foothills staring up at this gigantic task of a mountain.  But at the same time, I’m excited. 

I’ve rebooted and renamed the blog with this new season of life (formally called ‘Confessions of An American’).  It’s been good to have a sabbatical of sorts to regroup, take a breather and then get back on the ride.

The blog is called ‘On Ageing Well’ – spelled the British way which is the conundrum with spellings and pronunciations I often find myself in as an American living in England.

It hit me when I turned 45, the official (though debatable) marker for middle aged.  In the last five years, I’ve had two significant events that have led to numerous lifestyle changes.

The first is that I have entered ‘The Change’ aka perimenopause.  It’s been kind of like what women tell you about pregnancy – tons of info, but every woman has a different experience.  And like pregnancy, I have had a challenging time with this season that the medical professionals have said could last up to 10 years.  Who knew?  I’ve had an overhaul with my nutrition, diet, and exercise which has dramatically improved symptoms but it has led to a massive lifestyle change.

The other event that happened at the same time was being scouted for commercial modelling.  It has launched a whole new portfolio career in the realm of media, during what I call a mid-life shift (versus crisis), and also includes presenting, acting and voice overs along with journalism.

So I want to start blogging on topics relevant to what I have experienced and researched in these past few years.

It’s a wholistic approach to a life of nutrition, fitness, skin/body care as well as soul care.  I’ll probably throw in a bit of interesting musings about my career as well.  And I might add art as I love the world of creativity.

As I write, I’m actually on a commercial shoot for a major retailer but it’s raining.  And the shoot is outdoors.  Fortunately, I have a cosy cottage to sit in, coffee in abundance and I brought my laptop.  Tough job, eh?

Anyhow . . . I’m looking forward to jumping on the bicycle again so watch this space in the months to come.

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