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Presenter and Speaker

Partnering with her career in media, Jeannie is a versatile stage and TV presenter.  She trained at university along with her journalism degree in presenting in all forms of media and stage presentation, but has also received training/coaching with a BBC TV director. As the former recipient of two beauty pageant titles, Jeannie has presented live on stage for both large (1500+) and smaller (30+) events including fashion shows, charity events, and women’s retreats since the late 1980's.  

Since 2017, Jeannie is the stage/TV presenter with Forever Living UK specialising in their aloe-based skincare and beauty products. With Forever, she leads full-day skin health trainings along with speaking both at large stage events and smaller PR events.


She also led a year-long extensive project for a multi-media platform called IBodyTV for health and fitness as an executive producer and presenter. Her most recent TV projects include various beauty product demos, an online health & wellness magazine, a rock band documentary, Sheffield Sharks basketball games as well as a business show. She also does corporate presenting for internal videos for businesses.  

Jeannie is also a motivational speaker on many of the topics she incorporates into her coaching.  

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