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My (Newly Published) Poem on Trafficking That Propelled Me To Work With Survivors

My (Newly Published) Poem on Trafficking That Propelled Me To Work With Survivors

About 8 years ago I read a book.  A book I couldn’t put down but could hardly read at the same time.  When I read, ‘Terrify No More’, by Gary Haugen, I was a stay-at-home mum with two young kids.  It was about rescue operations for girls as young as 5 caught in the Asian sex trade industry.   I cried several times as I read, and then I eventually wrote a poem.

The simple poem expressed what was inexpressible.  It also slaps you in the face (so forewarning if you read it).  But it is real. Here is what I originally wrote that was published in the Summer 2014 edition of the on-line journal, ‘When Women Waken’: Thailand Traffik

Since then, I’ve chosen to not close my eyes to atrocities in this world, in this nation and even in my own city. Soon after I wrote the poem, I researched in Sheffield for something I could get involved with (besides giving financially which is vital), and I joined a local group that provided women working in the Red Light District resources and assistance to exit the prostitution lifestyle for those who wanted help. I knew it would be a first step and provide invaluable training and experience.

The journey continued and I knew eventually my work would narrow to those involved in trafficking.

For the last few years I have trained and now volunteer as a case worker with The Snowdrop Project. It started under another charity but because of the need and recognition from the government as a valuable initiative, over the last few months it is seeking its own charity status and re-branding.  It is an organisation that supports survivors of human trafficking after they exit a UK safe house, which by law is only 45 days maximum.  We work with survivors after the safe house period from 6 months to two years empowering them to live normal lives.

I wrote a poetic prose piece on my experience of being a case worker which was published in the last, ‘When Women Waken,’ called  ‘To Marvel at the Power of a Voice.’  It describes goals as a case worker is to be a ‘voice for the voiceless’, and then empower them to regain their voice.

Here is a link to my page on more information about the Snowdrop Project.  Their redeveloped website should be ready as soon as they receive official charity status.  Here is the twitter for The Snowdrop Project if you would like to follow them:  The Snowdrop Project Human trafficking is an atrocity but there is something you can do.

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