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What’s New For 2016

What’s New For 2016

The blog has been rather quiet these past few months, and this entry will be short and sweet. I’ve had numerous projects in my ever-expanding portfolio career – from adverts to commercial shoots to boatloads of voice overs. I’m grateful that it’s never dull. A few new things are in the works. I’m in the process having my website revamped and moving my blog over to when it is fully functioning. I’m trying to condense things, combine things and make my life more simplistic in the midst of all that I do.

I’m continuing to expand my career as a voice artist, TV presenter, actor and model BUT I’ve had a growing itch to go behind the camera more. I have a few relationships with production companies where I have recently been given opportunities to give input . . .it most likely is putting me on a path to start directing and producing in 2016.

One solid development is that I’m expanding my role as the TV presenter for the Sheffield Sharks basketball team.

Presenting for the Sheffield Sharks Basketball Team

Starting now, I’m the director/producer and will work with a team to develop not only the home game shows but also feature pieces on the players, coaches and basketball. I am really really excited as I can’t wait to help educate the British public on the American sport of basketball that is growing in popularity here.

So this blog may be dormant a little while longer until everything is up and running.

My next post that I’ve been working on is the behind the scenes of a recent music video. Here it is . . And Happy 2016.

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