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Back In The Saddle Again . . . Cowboy Boots and All Things Texan

Back In The Saddle Again . . . Cowboy Boots and All Things Texan

I had an unintentional blog hiatus over the last few weeks with travelling to the US and applying for a Master’s in Writing (here in the UK).  Hopefully, I can jump over this writer’s block  now that I have more mental space, and I can get back in the [writing] saddle again.

Speaking of saddles, in part two of my series on reverse culture shock, I decided to visit a country and western store while I was in Texas last week.  I snuck a few pictures to capture the experience.   The purpose wasn’t really to make fun of it (though some of it made me laugh) as I actually was considering by a pair of authentic cowboy boots.  A few items caught my eye, and I thought a more visual experience would help my non-Texan blog viewers see what exactly is in a country western store.

So here is a little photographic tour . . . Kickin’ it off with t-shirts.


She's a little more my style - classy cowgirl.

Tagline for Texas - 'Don't Mess With Texas'

And the tagline is on everything. Shot glasses, mugs, underwear . . . you name it..

Buckle up - this is only a tiny fraction of the millions of buckles you can purchase.

Let's add a hat - I have to say I really liked some of these.

A boatload of boots.

Have to admit - these were my favourites despite the pricetag.

Well, I didn’t buy the boots even though the black boots above were calling my name but $600 was a tiny, tiny bit over my price range.  And though it was fun for my few days there, I have to confess . . . I love the green hills and sheep of the good ole UK.

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