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My Love/Hate Relationship with Gluten-Free

My Love/Hate Relationship with Gluten-Free

Forewarning – today is a bit of a moan.  I want to give a disclaimer before you read this that I fully support gluten-free, and that I eat this way if I can.  I’m a rather optimistic person, and try to believe the best about most things, and people – but today, I need to confess my love/hate relationship with that g-word ‘gluten’. – – –

I stirred the pot in horror.  My gluten-free pasta, which was supposed to resemble a linguine, looked like a gooey goop.  I had cooked it the normal time, and I had made this type of corn pasta at least half a dozen times – there was no reason for the disaster.  Of course, I was also cooking for guests that night which added to my stress.

‘Mum, looks like spaghetti soup,’ my daughter said.

‘Mum, that would be great in a haunted house.  You know, that nasty slime you stick your hand in,’  my son said.

‘It doesn’t even taste good.  What are you going to do with it? It’s a whole lot in that pan,’  my husband added.

‘Rice, where is the rice?  I HATE cooking gluten-free!!’ I said.

Well, I don’t really hate gluten-free products – it’s more the cooking gluten-free things like pasta, or cookies, or cakes that just don’t taste (or look) right.  Sigh.

I am gluten-free by choice because my husband has to be for health reasons.  As a family we eat most meals that way, though I still have wheat bread for the kids as it is easier and cheaper.

I hear right now it is a fad in America to go gluten-free because they say you can lose weight, and it’s healthier.   Not too sure about that one if you don’t have a wheat allergy or a gluten intolerance.  I think the gluten-free baked goods have way more refined sugars which can cause more weight gain if you aren’t careful.

Another gripe is the cost as gluten free usually is more expensive, harder to find and very inconvenient at restaurants.  There have been a few too many times where ‘GF’ is advertised on a menu, but the waitress comes back to our table with a sheepish look and a sincere apology stating that ‘we are out of the gluten-free products we normally have’.  Grrr.  You should see the look of disappointment my husband has every time we hear that – not fun.

So is gluten-free worth it?  Of course.  My husband’s health has improved dramatically and, to be honest, I feel ‘lighter’ when I don’t eat as much wheat.  For the most part, I have adjusted despite the cost of baking disasters, price and convenience.

Click here to the link to the post on our family’s journey to going gluten-free.

So what’s your story if you are gluten-free?

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